Is your back tight? Are you stiff in the mornings, or after you favorite activities? This workshop is designed to decrease back pain, muscle tightness, and joint restrictions for optimal spine health!

Healthy joints move freely and easily, and the spine is no exception. Whether you are a weekend warrior or everyday jane, you can’t be at your best if mobility restrictions or joint pain is holding you back. Don’t let back discomfort continue to slow you down…

This workshop addresses:
Improved freedom of motion in your low-back, upper-back, and neck
Chronic back pain, SI Joint Dysfunction, and disc herniations
Targeted spine and hip mobility
Core stability and breathing patterns
Improving movement efficiency to unload the spine

The workshop is led by Tangelo’s Doctors of Chiropractic and Rehab Specialists.
Join us to learn why your back pain exists, and strategies to feel better immediately.

Save your spot & register here:
Fremont: Tuesday, August 21st ~ $15

South Lake Union: Wednesday, September 12th ~ $15