ETHOS – “You can do hard things.”

ANALISE’S FLOW: Strength training, HIIT, barre, cycling, running, swimming

ABOUT ANALISE : Swimming defined her entire life until COVID hit and the pools closed. Analise decided to redefine her relationship with fitness and discover new ways to find joyful movement. She has since grown to love everything from sweaty high intensity cardio to building strength through weight training.

Analise’s philosophy on training is to find challenging sustainability in one’s fitness lifestyle. Her goal is to help her clients discover different forms of exercise that can promote enjoyment while working towards individual goals. Analise strives to instill in her clients a lifetime of love for fitness and movement while finding joy in their bodies.

Analise is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and is trained in and teaches Barre classes at Flow,

SPECIALTIES :  Strength Training, Weight Loss, Mobility, Conditioning