Haley started her journey in the fitness industry while studying dietetics and exercise science at the University of Mississippi where she jumped into teaching yoga and personal training at the campus recreation center. While completing her undergraduate degrees, dietetic internship, and dietetics registration exam, Haley continued to teach at several yoga studios and began experimenting with taking some of her first barre classes.

Now working as a Registered Dieitian, personal fitness trainer, and yoga instructor, Haley was able to continue following her passion for helping others meet their wellness potential. Thanks to the suggestions of another instructor, Haley was able to complete her barre certification and find yet another avenue for building healthy lives in those around her.

Her background in yoga and personal training makes for a challenging whole body workout in each barre class she teaches. Come ready to plié, lunge, and plank your way to the strong, lean muscles you’ve been searching for. Pair that with a mindful mini-yoga session at the end of class for the true mind-body experience you need in your fitness routine.


  • BarreMon 6:15 am - 7:05 am