Isaac -


ETHOS – “Everything should be focused around balance”

ABOUT ISAAC – Isaac’s father was an experienced power lifter and one of his father’s best friends was a bodybuilder.  The two of them taught Isaac from a very young age how to program a weekly workout regimen. By the time Isaac was in middle school, he could deadlift 315 lbs and bench press 205 lbs.  He continued this passion into high school , doing research and self-education.

Isaac became a certified personal trainer with the intention of working with people and helping them reach their maximum potential.  He has spent the past 8 years helping people lose weight, gain muscle, build strength and accomplish things they otherwise thought were impossible. He has worked with everyone from inexperienced athletes to serious lifters and bodybuilders, helping them prepare for various competitions.

SPECIALTIES –  Strength training, bodybuilding, and weight loss