ETHOS: Move every single day.

JULIA’S FLOW: CrossFit, hiking, yoga, rock climbing and weight lifting.  Her favorite lifts are Back Squats and Bench Press.

ABOUT JULIA: Julia has always been dedicated to her health and fitness and enjoys picking up new hobbies that get her moving. She spent a year abroad teaching English where she found the gym to be her home away from home. This lead her to pursue fitness as a career so she could help others find their healthiest and happiest self. She believes anyone can accomplish their goals with the right guidance, education and motivation.

Prior to Flow Fitness, she was a personal trainer and coached various types of group fitness, including kickboxing, HIIT, strength and conditioning. As a NASM certified personal trainer, she has helped people regain their mobility, change their body composition and find new PRs not only in the gym but in life.

SPECIALTIES: Strength and Conditioning, Performance, Mobility, Weight Loss