Exercise and athletic movements have always been part of Morgan Zion’s life. As a D1 collegiate soccer and track athlete, she always trained hard, which meant her body took on a lot of injuries. In an effort to get out of the training room and back onto the field, she found Yoga. For Morgan, Yoga encompassed the perfect blend of strength, recovery, flexibility, and rest that she needed to heal and build confidence. After college, she pursued her RYT 200 and began sharing her passion for yoga by teaching her own style of athletic, fun, challenging yoga.

Her Vinyasa Flow is full of hip opening, core stabilizing, and arm strengthening, setting you up for the more advanced postures and inversions you will learn as you build in class. Her playlist is full of energizing music that makes you want to go just a little bit harder than you knew you could. 

Come join MZ and the yoga crew for good vibes, a new challenge, and perhaps make a new friend, and of course leaving happier than you came in.

Outside of teaching, Morgan enjoys running, drawing at local coffee shops, practicing yoga from different teachers, eating brussel sprouts and hummus, drinking a glass of wine or two, and traveling the world and experiencing different cultures.



  • Yoga FlowMon 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm
  • Yoga SculptWed 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm