Sleep: Your Most Important Training Partner

Sleep: Your Most Important Training Partner

By Flow Coach, Mackennon Klink, B.S., CSCS, PN1

Did you know that roughly 30% of adults sleep fewer than 6 hours each night?
Poor sleep quality and quantity can have a huge effect, both inside and outside the gym.  Poor sleep is associated with negatively impacting your workouts, recovery, sex life, mood, dietary decisions, and can lead to other potential health problems. 

Outside of these issues, sleep duration and quality are often the forgotten, neglected aspect of training.  Why is it so important?  Your body’s growth hormones are peaking while you are sleeping, which means you will maximize your fitness by sleeping.  That’s right – by sleeping seven-nine hours each evening you will see a decrease in both body fat and increase in lean body mass. 

During your training (and in life), sleep is your best friend and if anyone tells you otherwise, they’re confused.   In fact, sleep should be your most important training partner.  How can you prioritize sleep?If you’re having difficulty sleeping, or need some tips to develop a sleep routine and get better quality sleep, read more here.

  What are your favorite ways to improve your gym performance?  Let us know in the comments below.

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