Youth Sports Training

Youth Sports Performance Training

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” -Aristotle

While most athletes may never reach the Olympic podium, many still want to have a leg up on the competition! At Flow Fitness, we believe it’s what you do “Off the field” that gives you the ultimate advantage by creating the best version of yourself in one of the top training facilities in Seattle. Our youth sports performance training programs are specifically designed for all sports and abilities and will safely and progressively improve athletes performance while reducing the chances of injuries using proven training methods in the following areas: Strength, Speed, Coordination, and Mobility

Get Strong

Age appropriate strength training makes athletes more explosive and durable. We provide a safe environment that emphasizes technique and hands on instruction.

Get Faster

Speed is earned, not given. Flow Fitness Coaches will fine tune your running mechanics and agility so you can pull away from the pack and make game changing plays.

Stay Healthy

By utilizing proper mobility, stability, core and strength training, our program will help reduce the risk of injury and keep you game ready!

Stay Focused

Athleticism is more than just “being an athlete.” It’s how you carry yourself day to day. It’s about execution and paying attention to the small details. The Flow team will motivate you in a fun and welcoming environment.

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Our Team and Experience

The Flow Fitness Certified Coaching Team has spent numerous years training and working with athletes of all ages and abilities ranging from middle school to the professional ranks in the Seattle area. Their hands-on, real world experience ensures safety, results and most importantly fun. Flow Fitness currently provides performance training to the Reign Development Academy which competes in the U.S. Girls’ Development Academy—the highest level of female youth soccer in the United States.

All athletic programs are developed and overseen by Mack Klink who received his B.S. in Exercise Science from The University of Montana and is a certified Strength Coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Mack has previous experience working with several Seattle Seahawks and athletes at Seattle University. Mack currently provides the performance programming and coaching for the Reign Academy Development teams.

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