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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Are you sick of diet culture? Are you looking for a way to eat better, feel better, and do it in a way that doesn’t make you miserable and highly restrictive? Whether your goal is to reduce body fat, or just eat better to support your lifestyle, our program is designed to help you achieve your health goals by implementing lifestyle and nutrition habits that enable you to create a lifetime of success and build a strong foundation for long-lasting health.

Create A Lifetime of Health

Studies show that focusing on building consistent habits with strong mentoring and support instead of goals is a more effective approach to achieve success. Our 90-day program creates and guides you through a personalized set of nutrition and lifestyle habits that will set you up for your version of success! If you are looking for long-term health improvements, weight management, and are tired of quick-fixes, this program is for you.

Healthy Lifestyles Program (90 day program) - $199/Month ($597 total)

With the guidance and support of a certified nutrition and health coach, our program will help you to build a sustainable, guilt-free lifestyle. Our coach will assess your current lifestyle, identify areas that are holding you back and give you a set of customized habits to help you lose weight safely and maintain success over the long term. Our program includes:

  • 30-minute initial assessment to understand your goals, lifestyle and current nutrition habits
  • Two 40-minute sessions per month (a total of six for the program) to review action plans, track progress, address challenges, and overcome obstacles (in person or virtual)
  • Detailed post-session follow-up notes, weekly email check-ins with feedback on food diary entries plus recipes, articles, and handouts
  • Meal planning guidance with shopping guide
  • 3D body scan and body composition analyses
  • Optional ($150 extra) grocery shopping trip with a lesson on label reading and other tips for navigating the aisles

Program Benefits

  • Reduce body fat, increase energy and build lean muscle
  • Identify your body’s unique needs
  • Learn simple, practical ways to incorporate healthy foods everyday
  • Develop strategies and get support to identify and overcome obstacles
  • Empower yourself to make a lifetime of changes through healthy, sustainable habits

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Alex Kulick, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

ABOUT ALEX: Alex always had a keen interest in nutrition and diet, and like many of us in the 90’s she formed most of her beliefs and connections to food based on limited and often false information. This lack of accurate information fueled her drive to help others; she combined her passion for nutrition with her penchant for relating to and understanding people’s lifestyle challenges to pursue a career in nutrition and wellness.

Guided by her own challenges with body image and self-compassion, Alex understands both the physiological as well as psychological challenges involved with weight loss and maintaining a balanced approach to nutrition. A certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she has almost seven years of experience working with clients to help them gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence they need to take control of their health.



  • Educate yourself and make a lifetime of healthy decisions
  • Create repeatable success through the development of habits

Support and Accountability

  • Meet with a certified nutrition and wellness coach once every other week (virtually or in person)
  • Receive notes and an action plan based on each meeting
  • Get weekly suggestions and feedback based on your nutrition log


  • All sessions can be done in person, virtual or a combination of both
  • Habits are customized to fit your current lifestyle and nutrition habits preferences
  • 24/7 email access to your nutrition and wellness coach


  • No requirement to purchase prepared food or supplements
  • Learn shopping and cooking habits that are affordable for any budget
We help clients to create long-lasting, real change to their health habits by focusing on creating patterns and rituals around these actions, and reinforcing them through positive and supportive psychology. Our clients learn the skills and tools they require to set goals, and break them down into manageable behaviors that, with consistency, become habits and part of who they are.
We use lifestyle coaching to encourage positive behavior change in areas such as nutrition, physical fitness, and stress management (self-care). While dietitians, personal trainers, and psychotherapists address similar topics, a nutrition and wellness coach helps clients figure out what motivates them, and how to develop tools to address challenges and overcome obstacles. Our client-directed approach to health coaching uses nonjudgmental, open-ended questions to explore your motivation for change and develop strategies to change behavior based on what is meaningful to you.
This program will meet you where you are, in terms of skill level, but we do ask that you demonstrate a willingness to learn new skills. That may mean trying a different recipe each week or learning how to compile easy, balanced meals using pre-cooked, frozen, or canned foods. We’ll also help you learn how to order at restaurants and can recommend meal delivery/kit services to alleviate the burden of cooking. Your success is a direct result of the amount of effort you invest.
Because this program is personalized, it can easily be adapted to suit different lifestyles, preferences, and abilities. Whether you’re gluten-sensitive/Celiac, dairy-free, vegetarian, or you just don’t like certain foods, we will make sure you have plenty of options to choose from.
We ask you to track meals in an app and do look at calories and macronutrients as a means of understanding what you’re eating. However, we don’t subscribe to a specific diet that focuses on “hitting your macros” or being overly calorie conscious. We look at the differences among various types of food, which may hold the same number of calories, but serve our bodies very differently, to understand how to fuel ourselves effectively. We also look at macronutrients to make sure that you’re hitting your protein goals daily since that is a major component to losing weight sustainably.
Studies show that diets do not work in the long run. Though the initial weight loss can be exciting and motivating, our metabolism fights back. We either rebel or ease up on our initial strictness, and the next thing you know, you’re eating “off-plan” and the weight starts to go up, followed by a feeling of hopelessness. Diet-cycling creates a detrimental loop, where we believe the only way to lose weight is through restriction and deprivation with no long-term success, and this can be damaging to your physical and mental health.
The way to lose weight and keep it off is to adopt a health-conscious and nourishing lifestyle that you can (and want to!) maintain indefinitely.
While getting a meal plan may seem easier and allows you not to think too much, it won’t help you to build the tools you need to make healthy decisions on your own. This program will empower you to put together meals, with minimal effort, that deliver what your body needs to sustain weight loss even when you’re out of your usual surroundings like on vacation, travelling or eating out.