Barre @ Flow

Strength, Endurance & Flexibility

Barre classes at Flow blend ballet, Pilates and strength-training movements to create a low impact workout that produces amazing results. Use the ballet bar and equipment such as light weights, exercise balls, resistance bands and gliders while focusing on different areas of your body. You’ll leave feeling stronger, healthier and empowered to be a better you.

Our Barre classes are for everyone — no previous dance experience is necessary, and you don’t even need shoes, since class is done barefoot or in socks. Expert instructors will help you modify postures and develop body awareness so you can tailor the workout to your level.


Our classic Barre class gives you a comprehensive, total body workout in just 50 minutes. This class uses a combination of large and small movements to keep your heart rate up while targeting specific muscle groups. Get ready to sweat and have fun with a variety of exercises and quick transitions!

Upper Body + Core

This 50-minute class utilizes a variety of equipment to target the muscles in your upper body and core. Increase your range of motion, improve flexibility and boost strength through a fun and challenging combination of exercises. You’ll leave feeling lengthened, refreshed — and a little shaky!