Class Descriptions

This amazing, full-body workout is designed to build strength and lean muscle mass through resistance training. We incorporate shorter, higher-intensity intervals with active recovery techniques, allowing your body enough “rest” time to push your intensity while maintaining perfect form. Through resistance training, you’ll improve athleticism, reduce the risk of injury and increase your metabolism.


This challenging yet fun workout combines core work with training concepts used by top athletes, such as agility, speed, stability and power. Each workout ends with a grueling finisher that will test your stamina and increase your mental toughness, while partner drills emphasize camaraderie, community and motivation The result: improved performance and reduced risk of injury, both in your recreational activities and everyday life.


Improve your conditioning, endurance and body composition with this cardio-focused workout. It utilizes longer-duration sets with shorter rest periods to maximize your cardiovascular fitness and burn more fat. Bring a towel and plenty of water for a  total-body workout will push you to reach new heights!

Class Features

Combining functional movement patterns with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Flow FIT is everything your body needs all in one class. Enhance functional performance, endurance, and strength in a fun and inclusive environment.  Flow FIT focuses on:

  • Reducing risk of injury by improving mobility, range of motion and strength
  • Improving performance by elevating agility, stability and stamina
  • Training safely by focusing on teaching and perfecting form and technique

Working out is hard enough. Make it simple and let us teach, inspire and create the programming to make you better.

Flow FIT uses a scientific principle called “periodization”: this gets you proficient in each movement and helps break through plateaus. Workouts change monthly, increasing in intensity each week.

  • WEEK 1 – LEARN IT: Listen more; do less.
  • WEEK 2 – KNOW IT: Learn by doing.
  • WEEK 3 – OWN IT: Master the movements.
  • WEEK 4 – CRUSH IT: Your first rep looks like your 100th.

Get heart healthy, improve your energy level and burn serious calories.


Increased mobility decreases your risk of injury, reduces muscle tension and soreness and improves posture


Strength is the foundation of fitness and improves performance, energy level,  metabolism, injury prevention and self-confidence

Calorie Burn
Calorie Burn

Boot your metabolism and start burning calories.

Common Questions

Yes our trainers are taught to offer modifications for exercises to meet the needs of beginners or the most advanced. If you are a beginner we suggest letting your trainer know at the beginning of class so they can give you more guidance and offer modifications?

FIT focuses on functional movement patterns that not only increase fitness level but also improves your mobility, range of motion, agility and balance and flexibility which will increase your quality of life and decrease risk of injury. We also use a team format that makes it fun and motivating.

We start with a dynamic warm up that activates the muscles you will be using during the workout. We then will break up into 4 groups and each group will rotate among 4 modules. Class will end with a “Group Finisher” which will focus on getting your heart rate up and burning calories.

We offer three workouts a week (Endurance, Performance and Resistance) and repeat those workouts throughout the month. We do this so our members can learn and master movements. Participants are encouraged to increase either weight and/or repetitions each week. This training methodology is proven to be the safest and most effective way to produce results.

Class Details
  • Difficulty:Open to all levels
  • Duration:50 minutes


Alicia M.

SydneY M.

Daniel C.

Emily H.

Megan O.

Jamel J.

Bobby F.

Darsenio H

Suz S


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