COVID safety standards

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy Standards

We have been diligently reviewing guidelines recommended by Federal and State authorities, the CDC and OSHA  as well  as industry best practices to create our "Stay Strong, Stay Healthy Standards" and provide the safest environment to keep our members healthy and strong. We are all in this together and we need your help to keep Flow “The highlight of everyone’s day” and ask that you remain patient, compliant, and vigilante. This plan builds upon Flow’s already high standards of health, safety, and cleanliness – and takes them to the highest level.

It starts with us

  • Staying home per CDC guidelines for positive COVID test, COVID related symptoms, or exposure to those with symptoms or a positive test
  • Daily screening and thermal temperature checks of all staff
  • Wearing PPE (mask) in addition to gloves during cleaning (excluding studio class instructors)
  • Maintaining 9 feet social distancing from members and fellow employees at all times
  • Leading “no-contact, verbal assist only” studio classes and training sessions
  • Eliminating multi-touch items such as touch screens and some accessory equipment /props
  • Air cleansing using GPS's NPBI technology that kills harmful pathogens
  • Disinfecting surfaces using electrostatic sprayers.
  • Intensive overnight professional cleaning
  • Providing cleaning stations throughout the facility
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning shifts throughout the day
  • Dedicated staff on the floor to clean, organize, and enforce policy.
  • Spacing studio classes at least 30 minutes apart to thoroughly disinfect space and equipment
  • Detailed signage throughout the facility to manage traffic flow and spacing
  • Increased distancing by requiring members to maintain 9 feet of social distancing and spacing equipment at least 9 feet apart
  • Operating at no more than 25% capacity through reservation requirement for gym time, studio classes and training (walk ins will not be allowed)
  • Prohibiting “guests” access to Flow
  • Temporarily suspending the use of high traffic areas such as showers, saunas and common areas.

What We Ask Our Members

  • Staying home for at least 10 days or until you test negative, if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or been in close proximity to someone who has.
  • Staying home until you are symptom free for 48 hours, if you are not feeling well, have a cough, fever or other symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Taking your temperature twice daily to ensure a thermal reading of < 100.5F/38.0C
  • Adhering to all signs and markers for designated entry and exit
  • Making reservations for all services including gym time, studio classes and training (walk-ins will not be allowed at this time and No Show and/or Late Cancel fees apply for all reservations including gym-time)
  • Answering honestly to Flow’s COVID-19 screening questions per CDC guidelines before accessing the facility.
  • Remaining patient as you may have to briefly wait in-line while maintaining social distance
  • Follow all signs and markers regarding cleanliness
  • Wear facemasks at all times
  • Wash your hands and/or sanitize frequently and to not touch your face
  • Thoroughly clean (top to bottom) all equipment before and after each use
  • Leave personal (non-fitness related) items at work or home.
  • Following all signs and markers regarding social distancing and traffic flow.
  • Maintaining 9 feet or more from your fellow members
  • Not bringing guests as we will only allow member access
  • Limiting time in facility to no longer than 45-minutes per visit
  • Limiting locker room use (shower and sauna access are prohibited)
  • Bring your own fitness mat and accessory equipment/props (see below for list of items currently unavailable)
  • Check in at the Member Experience desk using your Flow key tag
  • Bring your own workout towel and water
  • Be prepared as there will no longer be access to:
    • showers, sauna, cash transactions, loaner locks, drinking from fountains, common areas, mini bands, super bands, blocks, straps, blankets, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and lifting chalk.

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