Indoor Cycling Class in Seattle - Beginner to Advanced Spinning Classes

Our Cycle program combines fun, high-intensity interval training classes in an energetic environment that produces amazing results. Our expert instructors will push you to your limits while inspiring you to come back for more. You control the intensity, so every ride is suitable for your level, from beginners to the most advanced riders.

All of our classes use state-of-the-art Schwinn Carbon Blue indoor cycles that give you a smooth, authentic ride. Each bike is further enhanced with anMPower Echelon console, so you can track your performance and ride stronger and faster every time!


Our exhilarating signature cycle format has a little bit of everything : beat-based riding, interval training, and an upper body song with light handheld weights.  Each Schwinn Carbon Blue indoor cycling bike is equipped with its own MPower Echelon console, allowing you to track your individual performance during every ride.  Our instructors are highly trained to coach to all levels of fitness, providing the most challenging and inclusive experience in 45 minutes.


Experience Flow Fitness’s version of rhythm riding: beat- based movements on the bike combined with metrics-based interval training curated to the best playlists.  Improve your coordination and core strength while dancing your cares away.  Our goal is to make rhythm riding less intimidating and more FUN.  As there are several upper body movements incorporated into FF Cycle: Rhythm, there is no upper body song with weights.  We recommend you ride at least two FF Cycle classes before signing up for a Rhythm ride.


Our FF Cycle format with Music Videos!  Enjoy all the components of an FF Cycle class with the added entertainment of Music Videos projected on to the wall behind your instructor.


In this fun combo class you’ll experience 25 minutes of our FF Cycle format followed by 25 minutes of strength training on the floor.  Expect a total body workout using any combination of weights, bands, and glides.  Our high energy instructors and carefully curated playlists will guarantee that 50 minutes will fly by!