Indoor Cycling

Our Cycle program combines fun, high-intensity interval training classes in an energetic environment that produces amazing results. Our expert instructors will push you to your limits while inspiring you to come back for more. You control the intensity, so every ride is suitable for your level, from beginners to the most advanced riders.

All of our classes use state-of-the-art Schwinn Carbon Blue indoor cycles that give you a smooth, authentic ride. Each bike is further enhanced with anMPower Echelon console, so you can track your performance and ride stronger and faster every time!


Our signature class is an energetic beat-based 45-minute high intensity interval training ride that will skyrocket your endurance, strength, and power. This exhilarating workout will take you through a variety of hill climbs, sprints, and flats through all four zones of intensity. Ride to the music of your favorite artists while having so much fun, you won’t even realize how many calories you’ve burned.


This powerful 45-minute ride will help you reset your body and mind for the coming week. The drills in this class will stay within the first three zones of intensity – easy, moderate and hard -giving you a chance to ease into the ride. We then shift our focus inward to reflect while building endorphins from a great workout. At the end, you will leave feeling strong and rejuvenated.


We took our signature, beat-based 45-minute high-intensity interval training ride and took it to another level. Enjoy your favorite music as well as the corresponding music videos during this highly entertaining but challenging ride.


This class combines indoor cycling and resistance training to create the ultimate total body workout. Start with a 25-minute beat-based, high-intensity interval training ride to get your heart rate up and blood pumping. We then move to the floor for 25 minutes of resistance training using a combination of light weights, bands, and bodyweight exercises.


Combine both endurance and core strength training in one workout. This 45-minute class starts with a 30-minute beat-based, high-intensity interval training ride. We then finish off the bikes with 15 minutes of core-specific exercises.