Team Conditioning

Training for Life

Team Conditioning is our scientifically based training program that combines athletic-inspired movements, Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This not only maximizes results in the shortest time possible, it also improves your performance in life.

Working out is hard enough. Make it simple and let us teach, inspire and create the programming to make you better.

BETTER programming. BETTER results. BETTER quality of life.


Team Conditioning uses a scientific principle called “periodization”: this gets you proficient in each movement and helps break through plateaus. Workouts change monthly, increasing in intensity each week.

  • WEEK 1 – LEARN IT: Listen more; do less.
  • WEEK 2 – KNOW IT: Learn by doing.
  • WEEK 3 – OWN IT: Master the movements.
  • WEEK 4 – CRUSH IT: Your first rep looks like your 100th.


Exercise for peak performance. Our certified coaches have ample experience helping athletes perform at the highest level. Let them lead and inspire you to incorporate mobility, balance, strength, agility and power into your workouts.


Get strong and move better every day. Years of scientific research prove: you can burn massive amounts of calories through resistance training with short periods of rest. Team Conditioning incorporates elements of traditional strength training to boost muscular endurance and metabolism while improving movement quality.


Gain the stamina of a marathoner without the mileage. Interval training is the most efficient way to burn calories, improve cardiovascular fitness and build heart health while maintaining muscle. Our coaches will take you through “blocks” of strategic work and rest times to ensure an effective, joint-friendly workout that will prepare you for the most grueling endurance events.