ETHOS:  Train smart for better, long-lasting results.


DANIEL’S FLOW:  Strength and mobility training about 5 times per week with cardio on off days. I usually train in a circuit style for cardio. I have a mini-Labradoodle that I play with at the dog park several times per week and also take long walks with.   Every so often, I’ll pop into a dance class or go on a hike or a bike ride.



ABOUT DANIEL: Movement has always been an important part of Daniel’s life and they were involved in sports throughout their childhood.  At the age of 18, Daniel discovered their love for choreography and started dancing.   They decided to major in dance and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Rutgers University. After college, Daniel danced and choreographed professionally, however there were several years filled with injuries.

Rehabbing those injuries taught them about human movement and biomechanics and the importance of cross-training.   In 2019, Daniel decided to further that knowledge and got their personal training certification.  During Covid, they put their dance career on hold to pursue a career in fitness and is now stronger and moving better than they ever did.

When working with Daniel, you can expect coaching and programming that will push you but also feel enjoyable. Daniel creates programs that their clients can connect with by keeping workouts fun and interesting. They believe the human body is extremely adaptable, so they approach training with the mindset that the training will not always be comfortable, but through challenges and repetition, their clients will adapt and grow. After working with Daniel, movement will feel easier and better than ever before.

Daniels is a NASM certified personal trainer. Outside of the gym, they enjoy spending time socializing with friends, seeing live dance performances and musicals, and attending LGBTQ+ centered events such as drag shows and Balls.


Email: daniel@flowfitnessseattle.com


Weight loss, strength training, mobility and injury prevention