Power Up

Class Descriptions

Looking to step up your training? Want to develop your lifting skills while increasing the power of your movements? Or maybe you just want a fun group to train with on the weekends? If any of these apply to you this strength camp will be a perfect fit!

In this twelve week program you will develop both your strength and power through movements combining non-traditional resistance training and HIIT exercises. Power work is essential for those looking to get the most out of their workouts. Power is all about moving with speed and efficiency, controlling your momentum to optimize your energy use. This class will be a full body burn utilizing low, medium, and high impact exercises, be prepared to jump high, run fast, and lift heavy!

Goals of the Program:

• Increase strength and power
• Improve body composition
• Build muscle
• Learn new strength training movements
• Decrease risk of injury

The program is targeted for all levels but you must be able to do medium/high impact movements. Sessions will be limited to 4 participants to ensure you get the right amount of support.


Strength is the foundation of fitness and improves performance, energy level,  metabolism, injury prevention and self-confidence

Increased mobility decreases your risk of injury, reduces muscle tension and soreness and improves posture

Improve your range of motion, decrease your risk of injury and feel younger with better flexibility.

Our classes are so fun they’ll leave you feeling energized and ready to come back for more.

Common Questions

No this class is designed for those with an intermediate-advanced level in strength training
Strength Camp is limited to four participants which allows trainers to be hands on and there is a high emphasis on teaching and perfecting form and technique. Also sessions are not designed around competition but rather support of one another.
You are only allowed to attend the program on the days and times you sign up for. If the same program is running at the same time, you are allowed to do make up sessions if you cannot make a session
Each Strength Camp program is designed to be progressive and you will build upon the prior week by either increasing weight or repititions or increasing difficulty by performing an advanced version of the exercise.
We understand things happen and you may miss a few sessions. The program is 24 sessions but we only charge you for 22 as we expect people to miss a few sessions. Your program and results will be in out training app so if you miss a session you can do the workout yourself either at our gym or wherever you may be travelling to.
At the end of the program, you will be empowered in the gym and be able to build and complete your own workouts. We will be offering other programs for those who wish to continue and stay with a community and advance their knowledge and skills.
Class Details
  • Difficulty:All Levels
  • Duration:50 minutes