Discover what your body needs in 35 seconds

Get the data you need to properly asses your body’s health.   Flow Fitness will be offering Fit3D body scans at our SLU location the week of September 24th.  Scans will be offered both to Members and Non-Members.

All scans include:

– Online account to access your data
– 15 minute review of your data and consult with a personal trainer

Member price is $29.99 and will be charged to your account when registering.  Register here.

Non-member price is $39.99 and must register by calling the front desk at (206) 621-7246 or in person.

State of the Art Technology to Measure Your Health

There is so much more to your health than the number on a scale.  Flow Fitness is committed to helping our members make the best decisions about their health as possible.  In order to do that,  you need the data to make those decisions.  With each Fit3D scan you will get:

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Body Shape Analysis
  • 3D Body Image
  • Hundreds of unique measurements
  • Postural Analysis
  • Balance Analysis
  • Personal Online Platform to Access Data

Here are some examples of how you can use this information:

  • Understand your current body composition and shape
  • Get your caloric intake based on lean muscle mass
  • Discover where your body imbalances are so you can improve them
  • Stop relying on a scale and measure progress through body shape