Functional Mobility Training for Hips 

Healthy joints move freely and easily. Whether you are a weight-lifter, runner, cyclist, hiker, skier, or weekend warrior, you can’t perform at your best if mobility restrictions, stability issues, or joint pain is holding you back.

Join us to learn how to:

  • *Improve your squat and deadlift

  • * Drive more power from your hips

  • *Decrease risk of injury and pain

  • *Improve mobility and stability

  • *Enhance joint-durability, strength, and control

Mobility refers to the amount of active, usable range of motion one possesses. The more mobility someone has, the more they are able to move safely and efficiently without running into restrictions that decrease your ability to perform and stay healthy. Since we live and die in our end-ranges, it’s crucial to condition joints to be more resilient and durable though full range-of-motion.

This mobility workshop is designed to increase articular strength and neurological control of your hips– a problematic area for many of us. It’s designed to close the gap between one’s active and passive range-of-motion, with the goal of improved strength and control of a larger ROM. The result? Decreased risk of injury and increased body control.

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