As the start of our winter season arises we are called toward inward exploration. The colder seasons are a time for yin, our feminine energy, and for slowing down. Create the space in your life to transition through these changes mindfully. This practice will start with a gentle yoga flow encouraging fluidity in the mind and body. As we rest in our restorative postures the resonant sounds of crystal singing bowls will guide you further into your own experience. This practice will focus on the second chakra which allows us to connect to the element of water and go with the flow. This chakra is associated with our hips, creativity and our personal relationship with our physical body.

Gift yourself this time to honor your body, the constant change and cycles of life, and your creative potential. Asanas (yoga postures) are sacred shapes that align you with your truth and the vibrations of the live music surrounding you helps to shift blocked energy creating space for new thought patterns and creative flow.

Space is limited, register today.

Class Taught by our very own, Natalie and Jerred