Have you set an intention for #thelast100days?
If not, be sure to write yours and have it posted on the wall today.  If you’ve completed the October Move More Challenge be sure to turn in your tracking card for a t-shirt and to enter to win a complimentary 3-month strong membership.

Continuing off the challenge: November ~ Charity Cycle Challenge

Following every cycle class, we will capture how many miles you completed (so please make sure to get you number recorded). For every mile you ride, Flow will make a $0.02 donation to Dunlap Elementary School to fund new Physical Education (PE) Equipment. Our goal is to surpass – 25,000 miles ($500.00) in one month.

It’s simple! The more cycle classes you do, the more miles you complete, the more Flow will donate. So put your fitness to the test and help others in need!

Why Dunlap Elementary?
Dunlap Elementary is a Title I school in Rainier Valley, with a population rich in diversity. 13% of the school population is homeless and 75% qualifies for free and reduced lunch. Breakfast is free to the entire student body, and there is a program to send food home on the weekends. Dunlap does not have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or fundraising board. Molly Blair, Physical Education teacher for the past 29 years has not received funding in years – the current equipment is worn down and the kids are ready for some new gear. Physical Education class is, after all, their favorite place to be!

Watch our progress on the thermometers near the front desk and on social media.

We appreciate your participation and SWEAT !!!
Finish this year with intention.