September 23rd marks the last 100 days of 2018.

Take a moment, and think back to January 1st.  Did you set any goals for the year?  Make any resolutions?  If so, how are they coming along?
Chances are, there are at least a couple of those resolutions or goals that you haven’t gotten around to.  That you’ve let slip. And time is running out.
As of today, you have 100 days until 2019.  Instead of throwing up your hands, and waiting for the new year to roll around to start again, we invite you to end 2018 strong – resolutions or not.
What will you say as we ring in 2019?

Join Flow and #thelast100days Challenge.

As we begin, we invite you to set an intention.
This could be a specific goal, or simply an intention for how you want to end this year.
What’s still on your list that you’d like to achieve?
(start a blog, lose 10 lbs, take dance classes, begin a meditation or yoga practice, do a handstand)
How would you like to finish 2018?  What would you like to say about the year’s end?

Take some time, and set an intention/pick a goal for the next three months.
– Grab a postcard from the front desk.  Write it down, and turn it in.  We’ll post your card on our intention wall.

For the next 100 days, each month will have a theme, and activities to go along with it.
October:  Move More.
November: Be Well.
December: Renew You.

Kicking off the challenge:  Move More.  No matter your intention, moving your body will get the juices flowing…and Flow has the answer for you.  Beginning October 1st, we play bingo.

  • Grab a bingo card from the front desk. Write your name on it, and place it in the box (alphabetized by last name).
  • Before each class you take, grab your card, and have the instructor sticker it at the end of class. (return card to the front desk, and we’ll put it back in the box)

Each horizontal row you complete gets one entry into the raffle.
Each diagonal row gets 5 entries, and a black out gets 25 entries.
Grand prize is $250 gift card to Amazon.
Second prize wins a swag bag.
Third prize wins a recommended book (be sure to check social media for all sorts of books, moves and more).

Stay tuned for more details each month. We’ll send information in our regular emails –  as well as on Social Media: Facebook and Instagram.  The more you participate, the better.  Don’t forget: #thelast100days.  Let’s do this!

Finish this year with intention.