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Spring Healthy Eating Challenge

As we enter April, it’s time to breathe some fresh air into how you eat. With that in mind, why not challenge yourself to create a healthy new habit (or four!). Change your eating for the better, making small changes and, perhaps, invite your family and friends to join in the fun with you.

Here’s the challenge:
Pick one small healthy change to make each week (ideas below).
Put your entire focus on making that change happen. Set reminders — put visual reminders around your house.
Review at the end of each week. Did you do five-plus days of your change? Success! Tell everyone about it. If not, figure out what your obstacle is and plan to beat it.
If you were successful, pick another change to make the next week, but also continue your first change. By the end of the four weeks, you should have four solid changes if all goes well. If you weren’t successful, just continue the same change (or pick a different one if you didn’t like that one) and try again, but this time with a plan to get around the obstacle.

Small changes ideas:
Add a vegetable to lunch.
Add a vegetable to dinner.
Eat a vegetable or fruit for a snack.
Add fruit to breakfast.
Prepare a healthy snack for when you feel like snacking (carrots, grapes, nuts, banana, raisins).
Change a white grain at lunch to a whole grain.
Change a white grain at dinner to a whole grain.
Pick a healthy recipe and cook two to three days’ worth of it.
Eat a vegan meal each day.
Eat no fried foods.
Replace sweets with fruit.
Reduce alcohol to one drink.
Drink more water.
Create a daily meal plan.
Eat slowly and mindfully for one meal a day.
Eat whole food instead of prepared food for one meal a day.
Eat a salad every day.
Replace soda with tea.

Have some ideas?  We’d love to hear.
What will you do?