Personal Trainers at Flow Fitness in South Lake Union Area of Seattle Near Amazon

Getting into better physical shape can be an exhausting challenge, and one that proves insurmountable for many people. Whether you’re looking to lose weight and burn fat or to build lean muscle, improving your level of physical fitness on your own can be difficult. That’s why personal trainers are of critical importance at most gyms and fitness facilities: They can offer knowledge, advice, encouragement, and incentive to those who are struggling to improve by themselves.

Did you know that while cutting calories is typically necessary for successful long-term weight loss, cutting too many could have the opposite effect? Did you know that you should rest your various muscle groups at least one full day between intense exercises and weight training? Do you know how to exercise your abdominals and obliques without putting your spine in danger of compression? Frankly, there’s so much to learn about kinesiology (the science of the movement of the body), nutrition, and fitness in general that most people don’t have the time and mental energy to remember everything that may be important during exercise. For that reason alone, hiring a skilled professional personal trainer can make your fitness goals more achievable and reduce the risk of injury. A personal trainer can carefully instruct you on the best ways to work certain muscle groups, or demonstrate how to safely increase your heart rate during cardio exercises without putting yourself in danger of medical issues.

Setting and Meeting Realistic Goals

One of the biggest problems people experience when trying to improve their health and fitness via an exercise regimen is dedication. Far too many people stop exercising or going to the gym after only a week or a month. With the combined encouragement from your personal trainer and the financial investment you’ve made in self-improvement, it will be much harder psychologically for you to simply quit and give up on your progress toward a better body.

A personal trainer will help you set realistic goals and will encourage you to meet them. Having a personal cheerleader who is motivating you at each workout can prove invaluable for those who have trouble sticking with an exercise practice. Your trainer will also help you hold yourself accountable when you backslide or skip exercise sessions, in addition to helping ensure your exercises are safe and properly executed.

Investing in a personal trainer is investing in your own lasting health and wellness. Contact Flow Fitness today to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated, educated personal trainers, and see how easy meeting your fitness goal can be with the right help!