Flow members, we have some great news!!
We have added landmine attachments to the free weight area.
What is a landmine attachment you ask?
Well, the landmine is an amazing resistance training tool that allows for a wide variety of exercises to increase strength and coordination. All you do is place the end of a traditional barbell into the cylinder tube of the landmine and just like that, you have created a multi functional muscle building machine.
We have two types of landmines at Flow, two stationary units found in the squat rigs, as well as, a portable attachment that we keep at the front desk (pictured below).

The landmine can literally train all muscle groups an d movements including pressing, pulling, quad dominant (squats and lunges), hip dominant (deadlifts), explosive power (clean and press), and core. Further you can perform a variety of exercises utilizing different stances and positions such as standing, supine (lying on your back), single leg, kneeling, or half kneeling. Finally, because of the mechanics of the landmine, your are able to move the barbell in pretty much any direction you choose in a smooth and controlled fashion.

Below we have Natalie demonstrating one of the more basic movements on the landmine which is a bent over back row. Most gym rats are used to shoving a barbell into the corner wall of their gym to do this exercise. This not only ruins the wall and angers gym owners, but it also ruins the barbell which really angers gym owners as well as members… Fortunately at FLOW, those days are gone.

Landmine- Bent over Row Start Position


Landmine- Bent over Row Finish Position


Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we will post videos and pictures  demonstrating the versatility of the landmine. Also, feel free to ask one of our personal trainers to help assist you on the proper use of the landmine during your next visit to Flow Fitness Seattle.