When the time for New Year’s resolutions rolls around, nothing is as common as saying you’re going to get in shape. In a survey, 37 percent of people said they wanted to be fit and 32 percent said they wanted to drop weight. It’s also way too common to watch those goals fall apart by February; 75 percent of people claimed they didn’t stick with it. If you really want to get in shape and stay fit this year, these tips will help:

1. Find a type of exercise you enjoy and look forward to.

If you hate running, it’s not hard to give up since you dread going to the gym. If you love biking or swimming, though, you’re far more likely to be dedicated if you pick those activities. People don’t give up because they can’t physically do it. They give up because they want to stop. Picking activities you love gets you over this mental hurdle.

2. Don’t be afraid of starting small.

You don’t need to go to the gym seven days a week and run four miles each time. Start small. Go twice a week, then work on moving up to every other day. Just work out for 30 minutes, rather than 60. You can increase everything as you get into shape. Starting small makes it seem far more manageable. Even small steps help tremendously.

3. Don’t get mired in routine.

People often stop working out because they’re bored. There are only so many miles you can go on a treadmill before it gets tough mentally. Change up your routine to keep things fresh. Just run on Mondays and Wednesdays, for instance. Spend another day in the pool, another day on a bike, and another one lifting weights. Take fitness classes. Learn new exercises. If you really get sick of one type of exercise, just take a break for a month while you focus on other areas.

Remember, the key to staying in shape is consistency. Do what it takes to develop healthy habits, and you’ll be much more likely to hit those goals.

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com