This is a guest post by Flow Member, Caroline Zelonka, participating in The Reset.

What a difference a month makes. In the course of 30 days, I’ve lost about nine pounds, gained more energy, experienced a slight but significant remission in my eczema, and most importantly, changed up my eating habits for the better.

On Friday, the Whole 30 was finally in the books, and we were free to choose one forbidden food group to add back in. After entertaining various options, I decided to go the practical route and wait until Saturday night to enjoy my first non-compliant food group: alcohol.

I’m normally a wine drinker, but I do like a good martini. (And the olives are compliant, of course.) Over the course of five hours, I had four of these devilish cocktails, and definitely felt it the next day. I also threw a few low-calorie “spiked seltzer” girl-beers on Superbowl Sunday, but by Monday I knew I didn’t want to stretch it over three days.

So Monday I reintroduced dairy, which is probably my favorite food group. I had cottage cheese and eggs for breakfast, which always makes me feel amazing, and real cream (!!!) in my coffee. I was going to buy some milk, but as luck would have it, I found a box of unsweetened almond milk in a cupboard, so I will finish that while I reintroduce other foods.

Tuesday morning I had a Whole 30 breakfast out of habit: eggs and vegetables. I may try something sweet later, if I get the urge. If not, by default I might add legumes, or possibly a non-wheat, gluten-free grain. I plan to monitor wheat very closely, because I feel I could have some sort of sensitivity to wheat. I sure hope not, but I know I could live without bread for the most part, especially if the tradeoff is less bloating and eczema.

Tonight I am planning on getting officially weighed and measured. I weighed myself this morning and it still shows the same, nine-pound loss from last week. This may be just a fluctuation, though. I feel thinner and all of the pants in my regular rotation are looser. I could get used to this.