Losing weight is a perennial favorite New Year’s resolution. But is weight really the problem?  Most of us think we are overweight because the doctor or insurance company tells us our body-mass index (BMI) is too high.  BMI was a calculation invented in the early 1800s (seriously, we haven’t come up with anything better since then) — it is simply weight divided by height.  

Russell Wilson at 215 pounds and 5’11” has a BMI of 30 and is considered “obese.” Let’s hike up his life-insurance premium! 

The resolution: Focus on body composition, not weight.

The reality is that most of us aren’t like Russell Wilson; we have some “bad weight” we can lose.  However, is bad weight the problem? Or is the real problem our poor eating habits and lack of activity?   

At Flow, we think it’s the latter. By focusing on eating right and being more active, you’ll feel better about yourself, and those unhealthy pounds will mysteriously disappear.  

At Flow, we’re focused on getting our members healthier and stronger.  Our “Reset” program is based on the acclaimed Whole30 program, wherein you eat real food, and as much of it as you want.  No calorie counting or pre-made foods that are full of artificial ingredients to trick you into thinking it’s food. This is a program that will help you make lifestyle changes and improve your body’s energy level and health.  Our “Resolution” package offers a physical assessment and three sessions with a personal trainer to help you get on the path to rebuilding lean muscle, which will jumpstart your metabolism to help you get rid of the bad weight and keep it off.

This new year, ditch your calorie-starved diet that leaves you feeling weak and lethargic and focus on getting healthier and stronger. You will be amazed by the increase in energy and confidence and how it will permeate your entire life (personal and professional).  We will also bet that you’ll have to buy some new clothes that don’t look so baggy on you, too.