With the rise in popularity of boutique training studios and CrossFit “boxes”, the demand for small group training is higher than ever. When we talk about small group training, we are not talking about group exercise classes, such as body pump, Spin, or boot camps as they tend to accommodate much larger groups ( more than ten participants ). What small group training strives to do, is to give the participants the type of workout/experience that you could only get if you hired a personal trainer. In fact most of these small group training sessions are in fact coached by certified personal trainers.

At Flow, we began Flow Functional Team Training ( which will officially be called Training Camp in early 2017) in response to this growing desire for more sophisticated training, programming, and coaching than is typically found in your larger volume classes. If you have never thought of small group training as a viable option for yourself, here are five reasons why it may help you crush your New Years Goals:

1. Cost effective : While most small group training memberships and/or sessions will cost more than a standard gym membership, the price is considerably less than a 1 on 1 personal training session. Our average session price for a Flow Functional Team Training session is between $12.50-20.00 (depending on how often you train). That’s at least $45.00 cheaper than our least expensive training package (per session).  

2. Increased Frequency : With a lower price point, you have the ability to work with a trainer more often, which in most cases will lead to better results in the long run . Many personal training clients make the mistake of hiring a personal trainer with the idea that if they see him or her one time/week (with an occasional “self” workout), they will reach all their goals. The harsh reality is that no matter how great your trainer is , one time/week will most likely have you falling short and feeling frustrated. 

3. Camaraderie: Probably one of the best reasons to participate in small group training is the great relationships you can make with other members. The team effect helps motivate you to push a bit harder than you would on your own. Moreover, really great groups will inspire and cheer each other on until the last person is finished . Sometimes the participants are more motivating than the trainer themselves. The smaller group size makes it comfortable for those with a more introverted personality or who may be intimidated by very large classes. 

4. Variety in exercises: Small group size means the opportunity to do more sophisticated and potentially effective exercises , such as box jumps, kettle bell swings, Olympic lifts, rowing, or just lifting heavier weights. The main reason, is that with a smaller number, your trainer still has the ability to effectively coach you in these movements to ensure proper form and safety. Further , you will also have the opportunity to learn movements/exercises that you normally would avoid on your own.

5. Coaching: Nothing beats 1 on 1 training for true customization of programming as well as the focus solely being on you . However, personal trainers have the ability (through smaller group sizes) to make adjustments to programming to cater to your unique orthopedic or health needs. Many exercises in our Flow Functional program have alternatives that allow most training sessions to be appropriate for all ages and abilities. Small group training is as much about instruction and education as it is about “getting a great workout”. 

Whatever reason makes the most sense to you, small group training serves as a great “marriage” between the programming, variety, and attention you find with a personal trainer and the cost savings and team atmosphere you will find in most large group exercise classes. Our Flow Functional Team Training program represents just another great option that each member has to exceed their goals and we look forward to helping you in the New Years and for many years to come!