Christian Garcia, CSCS

Flow Fitness Seattle

Do you find yourself doing/using the same old workouts, exercises, machine, and or equipment? Have you considered implementing more power and force into your workouts? Do you want to improve your overall everyday motor skills?

Mass x Acceleration=Force. Over the years, the primary focus to gain strength has been to lift more weight (mass) in order to get stronger (force), however acceleration is too often overlooked. We can increase force production by increasing their speed at which we move an object. Cue the Medicine Ball.

Many dynamic medicine ball exercises that replicate sport movements are not necessarily found in other strength training movements. You can project power through a ball in the Frontal Plane (side to side), Sagittal Plane (up and down), and transverse plane (rotation). Foundational movements like the squat, deadlift, and benchpress are great for building strength but are limited by their single plane movement and ability to transfer power throughout the entire body.

Medicine ball training is very versatile and can be trained for pure power by using an appropriate weight for a particular amount of sets and reps or used for longer durations for conditioning.

Medicine ball exercises that we use at Flow Fitness:

1) Medball Slams

2) Wall Balls

3) Rotational Throws