As we move into November, we shift the focus from Move More to Be Well.

Every day, you make hundreds of decisions, whether you realize it or not, on being well.  With each choice, you move toward wellness (eating greens), or further away (sitting for hours on end).

As we move through this month, we invite you to consider your habits.  Are they contributing to your health & wellness practice?  Because that’s what this is:  A practice.  Something you repeatedly do, and hopefully, feel better for it.  You may not always get it right, but you keep experimenting and find what works for you and your body.

Your practice may include going to the doctor or the dentist regularly, a monthly massage, eating mostly unprocessed foods, moving your body daily and perhaps a little chocolate (because who doesn’t need a little sweetness?!).   There are thousands of ways to be well.  Explore what works for you this month.  The Flow team will provide suggestions, workshops and some tips and tricks that we use – and we’d love to hear from you. This month, try something new – or at the very least, schedule your doctor’s appointments!

What will you do to be well?