written by, Flow Coach Nigel Bryant

Feeling stressed lately? Like all humans, we go through the ups and downs of life and sometimes our mind gets the best of us. This is something that while can be inhibiting, is totally normal. Especially with regard to exercise. Your mind can make or break your work out.

For me, developing a meditation practice has helped calm my mind and my soul. I aim for twenty minutes in the morning when I get up, and twenty minutes before I go to bed. It has been a calming and satisfying experience, and as our society becomes more technologically advanced, I’d encourage you to embrace a meditation practice as well. With that said, meditation, like exercise, is a process and a journey and will not happen overnight. Furthermore, with regard to exercise, most of my meditation routine comes from using the foam roller.  This practice works for me – what routine and technique will work for you?

Three quick tips on finding you own routine and technique to lead to successful meditation are:

Find a quiet place

Keep your phone AWAY from your meditation


These three tips in my meditation journey have proven fruitful and necessary. A quiet place gives you the serenity and composure to feel calm and gives your mind, body, and soul a place to relax. Keeping your phone away from your meditation practice will help you avoid those annoying pings and dings that will cause a distraction from your meditation practice. Lastly, and the most important but will most likely be the most difficult is being STILL during meditation. For me this took four weeks to master, as in our technological driven world we are used to being on alert. Taking time to meditate and be still will help you slow your mind and body down from life’s everyday stress and also be a catalyst for less stressful life and kickass workout! Meditation has several benefits that enhance your mood and overall work/life balance.

The benefits of meditation that have been researched and documented:

  • Clear mind
  • Less stress
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Increased brain activity
  • Increased Sleep
  • Increased energy

One last key that I would advise you guys on your meditation journey is to stick to twenty minutes. If you know you have a meeting in the morning that might be stressful, get up twenty minutes early and MEDITATE! If you come home after a long day, take the twenty minutes and MEDITATE! We have all heard the phrase “your body is your temple”. I also subscribe to the notion the your mind is a temple and having a clear, conscious, and focused mind will help you in being the best version of yourself possible. BE WELL!

Success Through Stillness by Russell Simmons and Mindfulness an Eight Programme for a Frantic World are two books I highly recommend for your journey. These two books will help give you the tools and guide you in the right direction in regards to honing meditation and it’s benefits, as I personally believe meditation and exercise go hand in hand.