Many people begin the year with lofty goals and aspirations. A large percentage are health related:
Get fit and stay healthy; Lose weight; Exercise more.  

All of these are excellent goals, but how many people actually stay the course?

Most lose momentum quickly, especially if they don’t experience quick success. (Who hasn’t wanted to  lose 10 pounds in one week?) Other people place their focus solely on the finish line and cannot wait to just be done – especially in the pursuit of health.  We can’t wait to finish the diet and go back to “regular” eating or finish the exercise regime and go back to lying on the couch.

Here’s the thing:  There is no finish line.  

Health, true health – both inside and out – is a part of daily life.  In fact, I’d argue that every decision you make affects your health.

Think about that for a moment: What if every decision you made today impacted your health?

There are the obvious health decisions we make, such as what to eat or how to exercise.  But there’s more to it:

Where do you work? How many hours of sleep do you get?  What kind of shoes do you wear?  Do you sit all day? How much do you move? Do you travel for work?  How long is your commute?  Do you like your co-workers? How often do you vacation?  How much TV do you watch?  Do you spend time outdoors? How do you relieve stress? Do you belly breathe? What are you thinking right now?

You make decisions every day – many of them a repeat of the day before.

With each choice, are you moving toward your optimal health or further away?

Are you simply looking for a quick fix – a finish line to cross and be done, or are you looking for a life style?

Sometimes, eating that cookie is healthier than the alternative.  Or skipping the gym, opting for a much needed nap, would do wonders for your psyche.

Tiny steps, each day, toward health.

Know this: You are the master of your health and wellbeing, and there is no finish line.

Every day you get to decide.

So, what are you choosing today?