Why Heart Disease is the Biggest Threat to our Health

Why Heart Disease is the Biggest Threat to our Health

While COVID-19 dominates headlines, heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the U.S. and accounts for two times as many deaths annually as COVID-19. Consider that heart disease significantly increases risk of death from COVID-19, and it is clear that heart disease is by far the biggest threat to our health yet is largely unaddressed.

Heart disease is preventable and studies estimate that almost 80% of cases could be prevented by implementing a healthy lifestyle.  Regular exercise is the single best way to prevent heart disease and studies estimate it can reduce risk by up to 50%.

Regular exercise could save as many lives annually as deaths from COVID-19.  No masks , shutdowns or vaccines are needed.

February is National Heart Health Month and we ask you to consider:

  • Creating awareness of the risks of developing heart disease and how to prevent it
  • Making lifestyle changes to improve your own heart health

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